MILAGROS / Milagro / milagro / [miˈlaYRo] / : miracle

every retablo candle holds a milagro in its wax core.
these traditional latin folk charms are talismans against
illness, trouble and pain.  they may also be used to cultivate
love, peace, and strength.

a symbol of hope, a totem of change,
or a metaphor of a new beginning.

according to legend, the more you regard a milagro
and make your desire known, the small charm will work its good will.



Candles are en fuego (on Fire) so please pay close attention when lit. Water, soot and other foreign liquids that fall into the wax pool can cause combustion and other problems. We suggest trimming the wick whenever you see a mushroom-shape beginning to form. A cloth or tissue is the perfect tool to pull off the excess (make sure it has cooled off). In addition to making your candle safer, this will help the flame to remain smaller and therefore your candle will last longer! This also helps prevent unsafe combustion and pollution.


Sometimes candle (wax) will discolor over time. This may be due to exposure to light or a reaction between the naturally occurring materials in the wax with the milagro charm. When heat (or cold) is added these materials may patina, however the performance of the candle will not be affected.  


Each item we produce is made by hand and requires several steps of production. For this reason, we ask for your patience and to allow for 3-5 business days prior to shipping. Custom candles may take between 7-10 business days to ship.


Our new venture into ceramics allows for the vessels to be reused for glassware, etc. If you plan to repurpose your containers, you may hand-wash the vessel with soap & water...if wax remains we recommend letting the piece dry, then place in the freezer overnight.


If there is an item you have bought in the past that is no longer available on our site, please contact us at and we will do our best to produce that item for you.